Albany CIT

 As most of our readers know, we participate regularly in training for the Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) program that brings law enforcement officers together with mental health professionals. Police and sheriffs officers, among others, learn ways to handle mental health crisis situations in their community. From learning how to assess the degree of risk in a situation to improving communication skills with an individual in crisis, officers gain practical skills that help them in their work and provide more humane interventions for many vulnerable individuals.

Last week we told you that Stuart Perry had received a statewide award on behalf of Perry Wellness Center, which was named the best training site location in the state at the Georgia Crisis Intervention convention. Over the last few years, our campus has been a training site for a large number of law enforcement officers throughout the region.

On April 12, we completed just the latest in a series of CIT training days – this time with representatives from the Albany, Georgia Police Department. As usual, Rhonda Hubbard provided a tour of the campus, and officers had the opportunity to interact with peers and share food and fellowship along with training. Sue Marlowe, representing the National Alliance on Mental Illness, accompanied the group.

Pictured above are representatives from the Albany Police Department, along with Perry Wellness Center staff and peers. Our thanks to the APD for its commitment to good community mental health!

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