James Goss 2016For the 77 peers enrolled in the services of Perry Wellness Center, recovery is more than just a word. It is a daily part of their journey to better mental health. Group training and discussion sessions and individual treatment provide daily life lessons. Learning the management of proper medication for treatment of mental illness is one example. Abstaining from alcohol and drugs is a group and individual task for individuals with substance abuse problems. But at Perry Wellness Center, recovery is not just about behavioral health. Physical health is important to total wellness, so individuals enrolled in the program are as likely to learn about recovering from a broken bone or managing blood pressure. Exercise sessions, W.H.A.M., and One on One activities promote physical wellness and recovery for all peers.

One peer’s recent experience reminds us of the importance of staying focused on the total well being of each client. For four months, James Goss suffered ongoing discomfort and pain in his right hip. A long-time work at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, James was not one to complain needlessly. Soon, James was referred to an orthopedist for consultation. Now James is undergoing daily therapy for mobility recovery.

“I am trying to walk more and more without my walker,” James notes. “At home, where I have things to hold onto, I increase my walking therapy.” James has set a concrete goal for improvement, saying, “The hill up to Happy Patch is a challenge for healthy people. I want to conquer the hill without the aid of my walker.”

In addition to his medical treatment, Goss credits his religious faith with his progress. He volunteers, “My faith and belief in my God have been a great part of my recovery. No one likes therapy after any surgery, but to realize that we must do it is part of the battle.”

 Cheers to James Goss for being a warrior in his recovery!

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