Laurie Slaton sightChange can come in our lives in the most unexpected ways. For Perry Wellness Center peer Laurie Slaton, it came through the insightful observation of a fellow peer.

Our readers have heard of Laurie before. She is the lady who is always learning new arts and crafts, including some striking loom work. She is also a positive spirit for self-discovery and growth at the center, inspiring other peers to open themselves to new interests and discoveries.

Her own interests are many. For example, Laurie has enjoyed participating in the arts and crafts festival experience. When groups of peers have travelled to the annual Andersonville fair and other festival sites, she has always been present to do her part in setting up and managing any booth.

She also loves music and is ready to sing and dance when music is played on campus. At the market, she is always in the first group to shell pecans or spring peas. In craft activities, she shares her creativity with others. Lately, Laurie has enjoyed making multi-colored potholders that she presents to guests and sells at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market.

Along with her creative outlets, Laurie has been working to improve her reading skills. Each weekday, she is assisted by peer education enthusiast Wanda Liles. And now we arrive at our moment of insight: while assisting Laurie, Wanda discovered a possible reason for her reading difficulty. It appeared that Laurie had difficulty seeing correctly.

Within a few weeks, Laurie was scheduled for cataract surgery. A few days after receiving the surgery for her right eye, Laurie was excited about the improvement.

“I want to learn to read better and more,” Laurie stated. “I know that I can improve my reading with better sight. Praise God for this operation!”

Surgery on Laurie’s left eye is scheduled in two weeks. In the meantime, she is sharing her progress and hopes for the future with everyone she meets.

In the photo above, Wanda Liles, left, assists Laurie Slaton her reading efforts, as Laurie wears her protective glasses after cataract surgery.

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