Behind the scenes at Perry Wellness Center, many normally unseen people are hard at work. In order to manage paperwork, billing, audit preparation, and other administrative tasks, the center employees several staff who make sure that everything is in order.

Once such individual is Mese Stewart, a data entry clerk who has worked at Perry Wellness Center since April 2011. The dedicated young woman quietly works in the rear corner of the Utilization/Billing Management offices.

A quick and dependable member of the team, Mese works so hard that she must be careful to avoid injury. She wears an elastic band to protect her wrist when she is typing. Like many individuals who do repetitive work with their hands, she must guard against pain from overstressed wrists and arms.

“When I realized the potential pain and damage to my wrists and arms, I was advised to wear this wrist and thumb band brace,” Mesa explains. “It does help, but when I get behind with my typing, the condition can become stressful.”

In Mese’s case, the brace limits her ability to type with her left hand to the use of Mese Stewartonly one finger. The fact that her typing is nevertheless so rapid and accurate is cause for praise from PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry.

“Each time I visit this corner, Mese is always hard at work,” Stuart notes. “I marvel at her report production with only six fingers.” With a smile, he adds, “I wish some of our others could equal or better her production!”

As do many of our staff and peers, Mese Stewart demonstrates that we do not necessarily have limitations because of our problems if we do not allow them to define us. Thanks to Mese for all her hard work!

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