Gideons 2016Recently, Perry Wellness Center received a new delivery of Bibles from the Americus Gideons Camp. Member Sam Curry delivered a total of four cases of Bibles to peers and staff at the center. He was greeted upon arrival by Kelly Jansen, culinary director and joyful Christian. As the boxes were opened, Kelly passed the Bibles out, proclaiming, “Do you want to be blessed?”

Many peers and staff received the Bibles with great appreciation to Sam Curry and Gideons International. Sam has been a representative of the local camp for the last six years and frequently speaks to churches throughout the Sumter County area. In the course of his ministry, he has distributed over 700 Bibles and New Testaments at various sites.

We’ve shared the story of Gideons International before, but allow us a brief recap. Founded in 1899, the organization owes its beginning to a chance meeting between two gentlemen who were forced to share a room together at a crowded hotel. During an evening together, John H. Nicholson and Samuel E. Hill discovered they both were Christian. After evening devotions and discussion, the seeds were born for a ministry that would bring Christian commercial travelers together in service. That service continues today, and we are grateful that Perry Wellness Center is one beneficiary.

In the photo above, Kelly Jansen, Rev. Ron Boynkin, Gideons representative Sam Curry , Chelsea Hodges, and Kaylon Holt display some of the Bibles recently distributed at Perry Wellness Center.

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