Fireplace BroomFor several years now, we have been following the creative endeavors of one of our youngest peer members, Javin Baker. As you may recall, Javin is the creator of a series of autobiographical drawings featuring original graphic characters. With guidance from fellow artist Jeff Williams, Javin has developed his talent, including putting words to paper to accompany his drawings and expanding his creative skills into other areas.

It is said that the mark of a true artist is the ability to view any item or design and see ways to improve it creatively. Javin recently demonstrated this ability with a lowly fireplace broom. One day, he was sweeping up at the market as part of his tasks in market maintenance. While working, he noticed a fireplace straw broom that was hanging on the wall. He immediately began to generate ideas for decorating the broom.

“Each time I visit the market, I have always had a mental idea of improving this straw broom,” Javin explained. “I asked around and was given permission to use any found object to make this broom more decorative.”

After days of planning and construction, Javin proudly presented the redesigned broom. It is now definitely more of a stand-out piece, for which Javin has additional plans – namely “to put it back in the market and make it available for customers.” Our hunch is that it won’t be there for long!

In the photo above, Javin Baker displays his creatively reworked fireplace broom.

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