Cleaning walkwaysThe rare cooling breeze has a tendency to blow debris and discarded leaves onto the extensive walkways of the Perry Wellness Center campus. In addition to looking less than neat, such deposits can create safety issues as well.

“With our increased peer population and great market activity, it is important that we are aware of any objects that might cause accidents on our walkways,” says CEO Stuart Perry. “We do all we can to welcome customers.”

Even the task of cleaning up the walkways can be a learning experience, as peers learn about operating small engines as they work with pressure washers. Sweeping requires more simple elbow grease, but peers usually team up to make the job go faster. Stuart and his staff members encourage such teamwork. It’s all part of his credo: “Perry Wellness Center is a peer-run center.”

Whether tackling mental health barriers or sweeping a walkways, working together makes the task more efficient and enjoyable. In the photo above, Tyshaun Thomas, left, and Awan Smith work together to clean a walkway at Perry Wellness Center.

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