Irvin Cook 2016Most of us have been known to complain about our jobs from time to time. But you’ll never hear peer Irvin Cook complain about any job assignment at Perry Wellness Center. Irvin has attended the center for over a decade, where he quietly and thoroughly completes any assigned tasks. As a peer leader, he serves as a true role model to other individuals in the program.

“I like this place, and I like to do all I can to complete my job and please Stuart Perry and the other staff,” Irvin explains. His current tasks include prep work in the cafeteria, which serves meals twice each weekday.

“With our growing peer population, it takes several of us to cut, wash, and cook lunch,” Irvin notes. His task often includes preparing much of the fresh produce that comes from the campus gardens.

Perry Wellness Center founder Stuart Perry does all he can to make sure that sufficient produce is available for the growing peer and staff population. He says, “We want to extend the growing and harvesting of fresh vegetables from our own gardens. Like my mom and late dad, I like to market our products and plant for our peers.” That commitment will keep Irvin busy for some time to come!

In the photo above, Irvin Cook chops late market vegetables in preparation for an upcoming lunch service in the Perry Wellness Center cafeteria.

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