Learning partnershipFor over a year, Wanda Liles has been conducting literacy tutoring at Perry Wellness Center. One of the program’s most dedicated peer leaders, Wanda enjoys sharing her skills with others. Many peers who attend the center have a desire to improve their reading skills, as previous problems with mental illness and, substance abuse, or family dysfunction made earlier learning efforts difficult.

One peer who takes advantage of Wanda’s educational assistance is Laurie Slaton. From the first week that training began, Laurie has been involved in a intense one-on-one learning experience. Laurie is a long-time participant at Perry Wellness Center, notable for her needlework expertise. But she had struggled with her reading skills.

It took a medical procedure to begin Laurie’s new learning journey. After having cataract surgery on both her eyes, she found an improvement in both her visual acuity and her desire to learn.

Wanda explains, “I think that Laurie and I have discovered a possible problem that prevented her from learning in earlier years.”

To keep up with Laurie’s increased appetite for learning, Wanda is locating more advanced levels of reading, mathematics, and social studies books. She is delighted to keep pace with Laurie’s late academic blooming.

As for Laurie, the stress of struggling with reading has been replaced by pride in her progress. “I am doing fine,” she says each day.

We’re proud of the partnership of two peers who demonstrate the value of both helping others and improving oneself. Way to go, ladies!

In the photo above, Wanda Liles takes time from her work as a front lobby receptionist to assist Laurie with her adult learning activities.

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