Fire safety demoRecently, staff and peers of Perry Wellness Center were treated to a very informative visit from Americus Fire Department FTO Daniel Whitt. For several years, Whitt and other fire team members have visited the effort to promote fire safety. They stress methods for self-protection and fire extinguishment.

On the most recent visit, FTO Whitt emphasized the “Stop, Drop, and Roll” directive during his 30-minute class. Afterward, the assembly walked outside to the asphalt parking area for a demonstration. Many peers had enjoyed previous fire department demonstrations and were excited at the prospect of the training exercise.

A propane gas outlet, similar to a large household stove, had been set up in the area. Over the burner, a demonstration basin had been filled.

Whitt explained, “This will show you that escaping gas can flame up, even under water. Every time you smell gas, check the source and turn off the gas. If there is a flame, call 911 and work to properly extinguish the flame.”

As he lit the gas fumes, he discussed the correct distance and proper procedures for using a fire extinguisher. Then each peer was issued the challenge of extinguishing a flame from the burner.

“This is a good project that we use in civic groups and schools, “ the fireman explained. “As class students extinguish the flames, they realize the dangers of fire and the correct procedure for arresting the blaze.”

Peers offered both praise and questions for the fire department representative, who provided each participant with an informational brochure for review and fielded their questions. Materials were used by staff member Noah Cochran for an informational class on the proper use of a fire extinguisher.

We appreciate all the efforts of the Americus Fire Department in our community and their continued commitment to helping peers have safer lives.

In the photo above, peer Laurie Slaton is directed by FTO Daniel Whitt on the proper use of a fire extinguisher.

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