Stripling displayLast week we told you that Rudy’s Happy Patch Market was now filling its shelves with products from Stripling Farms. “Filling” is the operative word. Increasingly limited display space in the market led to the call for additional shelving.

After initial measurements and placement alternatives were discussed, project planner Jeff Williams was presented with a design plan. As the creator and builder of everything from fountains to greenhouses on the Perry Wellness Center campus, the professional designer and artist was up to the task.

Jeff describes the shelving need: “We are now working to offer unique and tasty products to our customers. The Stripling Farms line is diverse. We have to cool some products and can display other things they sell. I like to plan and construct displays for maximum product exposure.”

There’s a science as well as an art to creating and placing shelves. Customer traffic patterns must be considered, as well as air flow and potential draft areas as cooler weather approaches.

The photo above shows Jeff Williams, left, at work with market manager Charles Tanner. As Charles checks the products, Jeff “measures twice and cuts once” to ensure the perfect proportions for the new market shelving.

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