happy new year background with fireworks 23 2147527175As we begin the countdown to 2017, we want to wish all our supporters a very Happy New Year!

Please allow us offer the following observations and suggestions:

The new year is a time of both looking back and looking forward. Take the opportunity to leave behind old baggage that is not needed in a new year -- just pack lighter! Also take a moment to look ahead and think about plans and goals. Making formal resolutions is not a necessity. But allowing yourself to envision a better future will build self-confidence and motivation as you move forward.

As always, remember others during this holiday season. Many individuals do not have family or friends with whom to celebrate. Make another place at your table. Like the apostles' loaves and fishes, your compassion will multiply, and no one will leave hungry.

Because we are a recovery center, we must say: DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE! So many lives have been lost or permanently damaged because of one moment of thoughtlessness. Better yet -- stay home with friends or family, cook up a nice hot stew, make cocoa, watch an old holiday movie, and wait for the ball to drop at midnight. And don't forget the fuzzy slippers!

It's been a rough year for many in our community and in our country. Treasured people have died, from iconic stars to local heroes in blue. An unusually uncivil political campaign year has put friends at odds with each other. Through it all, we cling to hope -- for a new year as fresh as clothes from the dryer, for a chance to better appreciate the loved ones we still cherish, for new leaves to turn over.

That is the gift of a new year: the fresh leaf, the lighter load, the blank slate waiting to record all the possibilities we can imagine and all the dreams we can make come true.

Happy New Year, All!

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