UNOOn a recent morning, Perry Wellness Center peers learned a new way to banish the Monday morning blues. A large table was filled with game players who sought to test their mettle with a challenging game. On this particular morning, UNO was the game of choice. The rules of the game were reviewed with new players, and this action also served as a refresher to those who had not played the game in several years.

Once play was underway, laughter began to fill the classroom. While players were competitive, they also enjoyed the camaraderie with peers. Games such as UNO promote everything from socialization to cooperation. They also help peers with learning problems focus on some basic recognitions.

Stuart Perry explains, “UNO is a game of numbers and colors. I hope our peers will learn colors and numbers with the game. We all like to laugh. I certainly like to hear peers and staff every day, but especially on a Monday!”

As the weather warms, peers are enjoying more outdoor activities. But easing into the day can sometimes best be accomplished by a companionable gathering around the table for fun and fellowship.

“It is great to hear laughter on our campus,” Stuart concludes. And that is true five days a week.

In the photo above, Lucy, Nakia, Paul, Eric, and Kelly challenge each other in a rousing game of UNO.

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