Group SessionOn a recent blustery day, the Perry Wellness Center classroom building was filled with peers. Not only were they coming in from the cold, they were looking forward to the upcoming group session led by Sherry Robinson.

Sherry modeled the morning’s group session on training provided by the Respect Institute of Georgia. This training is designed to teach peers how to tell their own personal stories of challenge and recovery. To facilitate the session, Sherry devised a list of questions that she posed to the 25 peers in attendance. Each peer was asked to respond to the following questions:

n  What is your purpose of living?

n  What are your dreams?

n  What are your goals?

n  What have you accomplished?

n  If you have reached your goals, what are your next plans?

n  What are your plans for the future?

As individuals responded to each question, the rest of the group applauded in support. As the session progressed, responses became more animated and more revealing. PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry was pleased with the response.

“This really was a good group,” he enthused. “It was great to hear the expressive dialogue of some of our peers. I hope we can soon have another group with the same format. Sherry did a great job in her planning.”

With prompting and support, most individuals are willing to express their hopes and dreams. Sometimes the act of saying them out loud gives them a greater reality. Thanks to Sherry Robinson for helping to create “a moment” at Perry Wellness Center.

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