Basketball 2017For weeks, the peer basketball team at Perry Wellness Center has been practicing for a basketball tournament with a group of friendly rivals. The Breezeway day program, operated by Middle Flint Behavioral HealthCare, recently joined in the long-awaited competition with PWC players at the Columns at Boone Park, an impressive recreational complex that is part of the Sumter County Parks and Recreation Department.

When the groups arrived for their first scrimmage, they began with greetings between longtime friends. Each team boasted proudly labeled tee shirts. Tori Malerbi coached the Perry Wellness team, while Marvin Harris did the honors for the Breezeway team.

“We are glad to have this competition,” Coach Harris said, before going over the rules for the game. “We cannot have any unpleasant language or physical exchanges that might hurt your friends and organizations. I will watch closely to prevent any possible conflicts.” After a meaningful look, he concluded, “Play ball!”

Former players showed some domination in handling the ball, but both teams soon learned that new players had emerged who, with practice, had honed their skills and deserved a chance to play.

The game was a “first scrimmage” game, so no score was displayed for the game. Unofficially, many players from Perry Wellness Center claimed victory, however! Both teams look forward to the date of the first REAL game.

“It was good for these players to come together as adults and friends,” shared Coach Harris. With great teamwork and a spirit of fair play, more exciting games lie ahead for the two teams.

In the photo above are the Perry Wellness Center and Breezeway basketball teams, as they receive game tips and reminders from Coach Marvin Harris.

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