Picnic TablePart of managing any organization is having the ability to come up with creative solutions for needs and problems. Stuart Perry demonstrates his out-of-the-box thinking on a daily basis at Perry Wellness Center.

Last week, for example, Stuart addressed a need for more outdoor seating, combined with a little old-fashioned marketing. Stuart began by having a picnic table relocated to the south parking lot area of the campus. Next, he had fresh fruits and vegetables placed atop the table to serve as a showcase for market offerings and to promote family meals together.

“People need to be reminded about the need and excitement of family mealtime,” Stuart notes. “I also wanted this table to remind customers of our product variety,” he added with a smile.

The re-purposing of the picnic table continued. By Monday, the space had become a mini-classroom for Rudy’s Happy Patch Market manager Charles Tanner.

“I wanted to take time to remind my market peer associates about our variety and the need to be sure and check for any fruits and vegetables that may have over-ripened,” Charles explains. The table makes an impromptu place for peers to gather around for market instructions and updates.

Finally, the table has become a resting place for market customers. Charles has observed that “Stuart’s Table,” as it is now known is a perfect spot for tired customers to sit down, rest their feet, and enjoy a piece of fresh fruit of a cold beverage from the market.

Sounds like one modest picnic table has really learned to multi-task!

In the photo above, market manager Charles Tanner, standing, shares information with Nakia R., Sean E., and Sherry R., as they gather around the market picnic table. 

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