It’s time for a pictorial update on two recent Peer Post stories.

Love Rocks SamplesFirst, regular readers will recall our post on the Love Rocks Story. A mother who had suffered the loss of two daughters created a project to inspire hope in people everywhere. Polished rocks decorated with fabric hearts have been placed in countless locations by individuals hoping to spread the message that “love rocks.”

In the first photo above, several love rocks completed by Perry Wellness Center peers are on display. They are on their way to find homes in hidden nooks and crannies all over southwest Georgia!

Rhonda Eats CornSecond, we recently shared the story of the season’s first delivery of Chase Farms sweet corn. A sample ear of corn was then prepared on site, in order to demonstrate an efficient way to cook corn on the cob. When Rhonda Hubbard spied the freshly cooked corn on the cob, she followed her impulse and grabbed a taste for herself, as shown in the next photo.

Rhonda’s comment? “This is great! I just need to find me some salt and pepper and I am ready to enjoy this first ear of Chase Corn.”


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