Awan SmithOn early or cool mornings, the path to the market through the outdoor pavilion can be an obstacle course. Several peers are often assembled there to play pool or challenge each other in weight lifting before the heat of the day arrives.

One recent cool morning, Awan Smith was vigorously pumping iron in the pavilion. As he worked out, he challenged several passers-by to lift the weight. While the mounted weights were each relatively small, Awan warned potential lifters to take into account the total weight of the bar and all the weights.

“Come on,” he urged onlookers. “You can do this. It doesn’t look heavy, but these new weights make it a challenge.” He then demonstrated his ease in lifting the 20-lb. weights, as shown in the photo above.

While peers enjoy playfully challenging each other, their major challenges are directed toward themselves, as they set and meet goals in health and wellness at Perry Wellness Center.

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