Giant Tomato PlantsIf you take a look at the tomato beds in the covered garden of Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, you might think you have wandered into the land of Jack and the Beanstalk. The towering tomato plants are part of the large amount of produce grown on site. Since the tomato was adopted as the “year-round” vegetable for growing at Perry Wellness Center, the number and variety of growing plants have greatly increased. Their number is supplemented by produce provided by other local grocers.

Explains PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry, “We now have an abundance of growers of tomatoes for Rudy’s Happy Patch. We have many local farmers who wish to join our production team, and our peers have learned how to plant, cultivate, and grow prime tomatoes. With this production, we have tables of the fresh vegetable.”

In addition to the scores of ripening tomatoes, peas are a popular item. “We just go in our third variety of peas, and they are going quickly!” Stuart continues. “We cannot run out, so I am trying to locate another producer.”

Luckily, Stuart has the physical stamina* to check on all the produce growing around the campus, as well as canvas for other vendors. In the photo above, Stuart, left, and Jantwan stand near tall staked tomato plants, as they transfer freshly shelled peas and butter beans to cold storage at the market.

* Part of Stuart’s vigor comes from practicing what he preaches. Through continued walking and a healthier diet, he has recently lost over 35 pounds. Congratulations, Stuart!

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