Tomatoes EverywhereLast week, it was a canopy of tomato plants. This week, a sea of tomatoes seems to fill the south entrance of Rudy’s Happy Patch Market. Protective tents have been moved to protect the ripe produce from the rays of summer sunshine.

“I want to be sure that our customers know that we have TONS of tomatoes,” says Stuart Perry with a broad smile. “This display leads customers back to even more tomatoes and other local produce.”

As far as Stuart is concerned, there can never be too much produce at the thriving summer market. “Since we lived in Buena Vista, and we had greenhouses, I have loved to grow things,” he explains. “I guess that gene continues with my love for market activity.”

In the photo above, Nakia examines fresh tomatoes from the gardens and bins of the market, as she removes any over-ripe ones from the display.

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