Chuck SmithPerry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry always appreciates the opportunity to welcome visitors to the campus. Past visitors often invite friends and neighbors to stop by, as well as the occasional out-of-town visitor.

“I welcome anyone to our campus,” Stuart explains. “To have local friends and citizens encourage a visit to our corner makes me feel good. With any visit, people realize that those suffering from mental illness or substance abuse are not dangerous.”

Recently Chuck Smith, owner of the Maze in downtown Americus, brought family members George and Bonnie Rollhalls by to meet Stuart and check out Rudy’s Happy Patch Market. While visiting, the family ran into another friend, Sandra Smith, as they all shopped for fresh produce.

Chuck noted, “They are on the way to Panama City, and I wanted them to visit and see this place and buy some vegetables for their trip.”

Thanks for stopping by, all!

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