Playing PoolDuring the hot, steamy days of August, the covered pavilion on the campus of Perry Wellness Center has become an unlikely locale for a favorite peer activity: pool! No, not the type with water – it’s the kind with green felt.

Several peers enjoy competitive games of pool, and even August heat doesn’t slow them down. The slate tables in the pavilion overlook a park-like setting, but the atmosphere is more like an old-fashioned pool hall.

On a recent afternoon, peers Andrew Chaney and Awan Smith braved the heat to enjoy a competitive game of pool. “I broke the rack of balls and plan to win the game,” Andrew stated. However, Awan offered able competition. We’ll be good sports and not publicly declare a winner!

In the photo above, Andrew Chaney takes his second shot after breaking the rack of pool balls in a game with Awan Smith.

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