Aloha AmandaAs we shared with our readers previously, 21 Perry Wellness Center peers and staff recently attended the annual Georgia Mental Health Consumers Network conference on St. Simons Island. For the peers who were unable to make the trip, 20 staff members led by Amanda Perry planned a few hours of celebration. They hosted a mini beach vacation in the form of a luau!

Assorted games, beach music, hula skirts, festive decorations, and beachy food were the order of the day. Guests were reminded of days at the Georgia coast and summer fun. We’d venture to say they had as much fun as their friends visiting on the coast.

“I thank all of my team for putting this luau together,” Amanda said with a smile. “It was fun, and we had a great time providing a beach experience here in Americus.”

A south Georgia aloha, y’all!


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