Mike Harper2Many of the peers enrolled at Perry Wellness Center attend on a daily basis, while others attend on less regular schedules. Mike Harper is one peer who falls into the latter category. After some months away from the center, we were happy to see him return recently.

Since his early days with the program, Mike enjoyed being part of the upkeep and improvements to the East Furlow Street campus. He was always at work on some project for the lawn or gardens. Upon his return to campus this time, Mike discovered the perfect project: getting rid of a fresh crop of weeds that had taken hold with warm weather and recent rains.

“I have always liked yard work,” Mike explains. “I want things to look well kept and clean. I like to be here with Stuart [Perry] and am back to my old job.”

And from the looks of our late summer campus, not a moment too soon! Thanks for all you do, Mike. Welcome back!

In the photo above, Mike Harper takes a hoe to a weedy garden bed.

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