Storm damageAt the end of a week that began with a tropical storm, Perry Wellness Center is happy to report a relative return to normal. Like our neighbors, we have assessed damage, cleaned up debris, and gotten back on schedule. We’re grateful to report that storm damage was light on campus. Only one north wall of Rudy’s Happy Patch Market was affected when a partition broke away.

PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry took a moment to discuss his feelings about the recent weather event:

“We are indeed blessed that we did not have any more damage than this one partial wall. We never lost power at Perry Wellness Center and were only closed on Monday, September 11. We could have opened, but I feared any danger if we brought our out-of-town and county peers to the center. The wind and rain made the roads very dangerous.”

Stuart reflected on the area’s close call and concluded: “We are indeed happy to welcome the sunshine back in our area. No matter our problems, I have to remember and pray for the many who are without homes and power in Florida.”

We know our readers join us in these prayers.

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