UGA football tripAlthough Perry Wellness Center staff member Kelly Jansen first became involved with the center as the Director of Culinary Arts, new responsibilities have continually expanded his role. His dedication and professionalism make him an asset to any task.

For example, at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, Kelly now reviews all out-of-store purchases to assure the best prices on available products. He also checks to ensure the freshness of all produce sold at the market.

Kelly explains, “We are excited about serving only fresh and healthy food for our peers and staff. I must be sure that all we prepare from the market is within in the date for maximum freshness and taste.”

Kelly carries this same dedication to his activities outside the center. As a future deacon of Rehobeth Baptist Church, Kelly shares his faith and love of God with others on a daily basis. Recently, Kelly decided to become a mentor. On a sunny weekend day, Kelly escorted two young men, Nolan and C.J. Cromer, to Athens for a football game between the Georgia Bulldogs and the Samford Bulldogs – it promised to be a doggone good game! When they arrived at the gates, the group had no tickets. $150 later, three sideline tickets were in their hands.

“This was a great day for me and my mentees,” Kelly enthused. “On the sideline, we met with coaches and shared information about Perry Wellness Center and its activity for mental health and substance abuse recovery. The guys were ‘on fire’ that day. To be on the sidelines at UGA was special for them.”

Kelly concluded, ‘It was fun to see their excitement. It was a great day!”

In the above photo, Kelly, Nolan, and C.J. meet with two UGA football alumni: #19 Scott Werner, far left, and #5 Rex Robinson, far right.

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