Jeanette Williams 2Delicious and nutritious breakfasts and lunches are served each day at Perry Wellness Center. Several staff members and peers are responsible for making things run smoothly in the cafeteria.

Jeanette Williams has been cooking at the center for several years. She began eight years ago at the Tom Perry Peer Center location. Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry appreciates her efforts – too much, he sometimes finds.

“We have been blessed to have some great cooks in our kitchens at Perry Wellness Center,” Stuart says. “But I am on the Metabolic Diet, and the smells and food presentation at lunch can be a challenge to me.” To avoid temptation, he often grabs a salad and eats in his office.

Jeanette is often the first to arrive in the cafeteria each morning and takes pride in her early preparations. “When I am here by myself,” she notes, “I have room to move and plan breakfast and start cooking lunch for the day.” 

She reveals plans for this day’s lunch, which includes barbecue, Brunswick stew, and all the trimmings. “It will be a tasty lunch,” Jeanette assures.

In the photo above, Jeanette Williams begins her morning task of food preparation in the PWC cafeteria.

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