Sunny the CatPerry Wellness Center is always happy to welcome new peers and staff to its buy campus. Lately, its feline residents are on the rise at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market. A total of three cats now make themselves at home in the market area, coming out to seek attention from any peer, staff member, or visitor who has time to bestow some affection.

The newest member of the market family is little Sunny, who is the color and disposition of autumn sunshine. Staffer Phyllis Smith, who often finds herself in the market for nutrition classes and other health and wellness activities, is a particular fan. She has several cats of her own.

“I love all animals, but especially cats,” she says. I think our newest feline boarder enjoys my attention.” Phyllis enjoys petting Sunny, but takes particular care. “This cat has sharp and gripping claws,” she explains.

In the photo above, Phyllis Smith kneels to offer a little attention to Sunny, the market’s latest rodent hunter extraordinaire.

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