Mr. Willie Hard at Workquiet peer, known only as “Mr. Willie,” is an active presence around the campus of Perry Wellness Center. He is constantly busy with both assigned and chosen tasks at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market and other campus sites.

“Whether Mr. Willie is early-sweeping the floor at Happy Patch Market or some of the outdoor cement slabs on our campus, that man never stops!” PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry says in admiration. While all peers participate in a variety of chores and other tasks as part of their recovery program, some individuals display a stronger sense than others of initiative and determination.

Stuart sums it up with a smile: “I wish others would choose Mr. Willie as an example of hard work, without supervision.”

We caught him in action yesterday, when he learned that another peer needed assistance to reach supplies on a tall shelf at the market. Mr. Willie lost no time in retrieving a ladder and rushing across the north parking lot to save the day.

Thanks for all you do, Mr. Willie!

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