Rainy DayLast week, a cool, rainy day kept peers indoors at Perry Wellness Center. Usual outside chores were brought to a halt, as groups gathered within the warm confines of the classroom building.

In the main educational classroom, one large group of peers sat at tables, heads bent over creative work. Peers were challenged to use sheets of paper with pre-printed designs and select the best color combinations to make their projects come alive. As peers completed their work, they were asked to stand individually and present their completed pages to the entire group.

Even a simple, spontaneous exercise on a rainy day is a learning experience at Perry Wellness Center. Peers were able to have an outlet for creative expression, work at staying on task, and improve their socialization and presentation skills.

While we all enjoy outside activities this time of year, sometimes a rainy day has its own appeal.

In the photo above, Brad, at left, Kelvin, and Anthony, standing, enjoy completing a creative at PWC.

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