Perry Family 2017

This Thanksgiving, the extended family of Perry Wellness Center founder Stuart Perry continued a holiday tradition that has extended for 45 years. They gathered together for a Thanksgiving meal and celebration in Marion County.

Steve Perry explained, “For several years, we met at Aunt Doris and Uncle Eldridge’s house in Buena Vista for Thanksgiving. With the enlarging guest list, we moved to Perry Pleasant Pastures in Tazewell.”

On this Thanksgiving day, the weather was perfect for a feast, hay ride, and skeet shooting. For the Thanksgiving meal, 25 slabs of ribs, four large turkeys, and 25 Boston Butts were cooked to perfection. Many of the guests were presented Boston Butts for their next meals together over the holiday.

Afterward, the kids enjoyed a country hay ride, while the men stopped at the “Sugar Tree” and a nearby slope to demonstrate their varied skeet shooting skills. Most of all, family members enjoyed the fellowship of spending the day with uncles, aunts, second cousins once removed, grandparents, etc.

Steve Perry shared his pride in his family, Stuart Perry, the work of Perry Wellness Center. “Our family legacy is a source of pride for all of us. At the farm, we introduce all family and extended family before our blessing and buffet dining,” he noted. Stuart led the program with family comments, laughter, and a blessing before the meal.

“Stuart is good at what he does,” Steve continued. “His blessing was very appropriate, and we all heard the importance of family love and concern for others.”

Attendance at the annual event varies, as extended family members may have other commitments, such as with spouses’ families. This year, a whopping 85 extended Perry family members gathered at Perry Pleasant Pastures for a day of great food, activities, and renewing of family bonds.

In the photo above, Perry family members gather in the traditional site for their annual Thanksgiving group photo.

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