Christmas parade 2017 bThis year as always, Perry Wellness Center participated in the annual downtown Americus Christmas parade. We’re pleased to report that our entry won first place in the float competition!

For weeks, Amanda Perry worked with a team of builders, decorators, and electricians to create the 2017 float. A team of staff and peers worked together to complete it. The float’s theme: “Perryville – Where Happiness Happens!” Several hundred lights and colorfully painted scenes transformed the float into Perry Wellness Center’s version of Dr. Seuss’ Whoville.

Christmas parade 2017 cAmanda explains, “We tried to plan and execute this float as cooperation among almost 30 staff and peers. Each of had a mission to make the float come together. There were three components – the main Perry Wellness Center, the Happy Patch Market float and the family golf cart. Each had their own themes but all worked together to celebrate Perry Wellness Center.”

Everyone pulled together to both create the float and display it proudly in the parade. Before the parade even began, the numerous feet of electric cording and wiring had been checked and rechecked, but the movement of the float to the parade site caused the loosening of some bulbs and connections. The PWC team sprang to work and corrected the problem before the parade started.

Christmas parade 2017 dAmanda notes, “All of us had worked hard with the many light patterns. It was important to us that all of the lights were shining in the parade. With team effort, all shone brightly.”

A total of 30 peers and staff walked alongside the float, carrying large lollipops and other festive decorations. They each presented nearby parade viewers with current information on the center and its website.

Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO – and proud papa – Stuart Perry weighs in: “This was a different way for our peers and staff to share the cooperation and celebration of Christmas. I am so proud of Amanda and her team leadership.”

Christmas parade 2017 eThe spirit of cooperation and the brightness of both lights and moods made for a winning float and a festive night in downtown Americus. We hope you enjoy these photos from the evening.

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