Cleaning CampusOne mark of a strong work ethic is the dedication to performing outdoor tasks even in abysmally cold weather. In the middle of a southwest Georgia cold snap, peer Thomas Williams doesn’t slow down on his routine assignments, which include gathering up garbage and debris around the main building at Perry Wellness Center.

“I like to do this job,” Thomas explains. “It is simple and easy, but some people realize my efforts.”

Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry heartily agrees, stating, “I do appreciate routine job completion. It makes Perry Wellness Center and all of us look like we care about our public presentation.”

In a peer-run organization, maintaining responsibility for both individual and group tasks keeps the engine running, so to speak. Even a little cold weather doesn’t faze the more dedicated peer members of Perry Wellness Center.

In the photo above, Thomas Williams offers a broad smile even as he battles chilling conditions to help clean the Perry Wellness Center campus. 

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