Phone solitaireLongtime Perry Wellness Center peer Grover Thornton is always an early morning arrival who bikes to the center each day. He is always eager to start the day and often relies on the challenge of various games on his phone to keep him occupied before the daily schedule begins or during breaks.

“It is our goal at Perry Wellness Center to have no ‘down' time for our peers,” says PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry. “We promote constant life learning. Many peers have great luck at putting together puzzles or use their cell phones to play games or text and talk to friends and family. Many, like Grover, enjoy a challenge.”

Around campus, peers enjoy sharing their discovery of new games with others. In the photo above, Grover takes a moment to enjoy a quick game of solitaire on his cell phone. He notes, “I have won this game several times and like the challenge.”

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