Flowing waterNothing is more soothing to a stressed mind and body than the sights and sounds of flowing water. When the campus of Perry Wellness Center was being designed, fountains and pools were as important a part of the landscape as trees and flowering plants.

Artist and designer Jeff Williams placed the sound and motion of flowing water at strategic sites throughout the campus. In Hope Park and other areas, the various water features have brought moments of peace to peers, staff, and visitors.

However, recent maintenance and mechanical issues had created problems, and water was not flowing as freely. The musical sounds of flowing brooks and splashing fountains were greatly missed. Now that needed repairs have been made, the welcome sounds are back.

Jeff Williams has missed the sounds of his creations as much as anyone. He explains, “The sound of flowing water does calm me. We can even purchase recorded sounds of flowing water that can help us go to sleep or act as background music in a hectic office.”

But nothing beats the sounds – and sights – of the symphony of water features on campus – no headphone needed!

“I am happy to have them back running,” Jeff concludes.

In the photo above, a flowing brook and recirculating fountain welcome visitors to the Perry Wellness Center campus.

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