Fear of changeThe topics of daily discussion groups at Perry Wellness Center are varied, but one late morning group dealt with a subject that almost all of us face at some point: fear of change.

On a sunny but chilly recent morning, peers headed to the light-filled Horticultural Center classroom for a stimulating discussion. Members shared their concerns about life changes and possible solutions. Rhonda, a visitor guide on campus, served as a leader in group discussion this day as well, as she was willing to be vocal in sharing her own doubts and fears.

While she often misses her roots in New York, Rhonda has fears of relocating. She explained to the group, “I was born in Brooklyn, New York. I moved to Georgia in 1972 due to the sickness of my mother. I love where I live in Georgia.”

She continued, “I may like to return to New York one day. But I am scared to go back and be lonely. I fear the drug activity and my possible return to that lifestyle. New York is dirty, rat-infested… And I fear transportation. I am scared to fly back to New York, and I would have no personal transportation once I returned.”

Rhonda’s powerful words shone a light on the fears of change that trouble so many and served as encouragement for others to share their own personal fears. As always, thank you, Rhonda, for being such a helpful guide!

In the photo above, Rhonda, at left, shares a personal concern in a late morning discussion group at Perry Wellness Center.

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