Steve McKenzieOn his second day of employment, Steve McKenzie has already demonstrated many talents and a tireless work ethic. Although he will turn 54 in April, his energy is that of a younger man.

“I am driven with work,’ Steve admits. “I like to complete the job and move onto other challenges.” Now he will have new challenges around the campus of Perry Wellness Center.

Steve began his work history at the age of 14 in Cusseta, Georgia, as a school custodian. “This first job may not have been the most glamorous job I have had, but I learned quickly about a good work ethic,” he notes.

During his almost 40-year work history, has been employed in many jobs and locations, from Cusseta, to Columbus, to Riverdale, and Americus. Steve enumerates several experiences: “I have done plumbing and heating work, I have been a computer operations technician for Metalux, and helped labor at Sumter County High School North Campus.

“One night, I had a dream or vision about changes he in my life,” he continues. “I asked the Lord if I saw right. I told him I would like to learn more skills. I was told that I would learn the skills of an auto mechanic and a carpenter framer for construction.” With a smile, Steve says, “I guess He knew what was going to happen. I worked for Snider Automotive and learned construction with several jobs and the construction of Sumter County High School.”

What led him to Perry Wellness Center? He explains that he had already visited the center on several occasions. “I have noticed the dramatic and fun changes of activity on this corner,” Steve says. “I stopped and talked with Stuart Perry, and now I am a part of this progressive group. It is fun! I want to help others to learn all about recovery and the good things at Perry Wellness Center. I would like to share some of the life struggles and recoveries I have had.”

Welcome to Perry Wellness Center, Steve McKenzie! We look forward to sharing your continued journey.

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