First mobile marketLast week we told our readers about our new “mobile markets” that will be making visits to other counties this spring. Our markets on wheels are providing a wide selection of plants and other items for weekend shoppers in Schley and Marion Counties on select weekends.

Our first mobile markets took place last weekend in Buena Vista and Ellaville, and they are returning this weekend. Today, the market is visiting Buena Vista from 8:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. Tomorrow, it returns to Ellaville during the same time period.

“I have plant growing in my veins,” Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry acknowledges. “We offered plants when he had the Standard Oil Station in Buena Vista. I wanted to return to Buena Vista with new plants.” Stuart continues this action part of a family legacy. Another legacy is fulfilled when the mobile market offers information on mental illness and substance recovery to market visitors.

Perry is evaluating the results of his current visits to Buena Vista and Ellaville. As the growing season warms, plans are being discussed for return visits in late spring and early summer.

In the photo above, Amber Purvis and Valentina Williams arrive as the first customers of the Mobile Market in Buena Vista, greeted by PWC staff member during the 7:30 a.m. unloading of market goods. 

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