Knockouts 2018Throughout Southwest Georgia, green 3-gallon containers of Knockout roses are being brought home from Rudy’s Happy Patch Market for planting. The popular blooming plant is a mainstay of the market, and the spring supply is greater than ever this year.

Says Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry, “We have five colors of Knockout roses available, with single and double blooms. With the popularity of the Knockout rose, I have bought 1,000 plants. We sell them for a very low price to please our customers. They have been popular at Happy Patch, and I want customers to leave with a smile.” While online and local prices vary, the price for all varieties is $18 at Happy Patch.

Following are a few instructions for the planting and care of Knockout roses:

  1. Select a planting location in full sunlight. The more hours of sunlight the plant receives, the more vigorous its blooming.
  2.  Consider your soil quality prior to planting. Heavy clay may need amending to improve drainage or moisture retention improved in soil with a large amount of sand in it.
  3. Water thoroughly. Lack of adequate watering is the primary cause of plant death after planting. The plant’s roots and potting soil should be saturated prior to placement. Additionally, the rose bush should be watered every day it doesn’t rain during the first year. This process will help acclimate the plant to the soil and spread its roots.
  4. Apply a granular slow-release fertilizer such as Miracle Grow to the newly planted rose bush. A healthy application will help it recuperate from its replanting and adjust to its new location. For lush growth, continue a monthly application until cooler weather in the fall.
  5. Prune lightly when needed. Heavy pruning is not required, as Knockout roses tend to grow uniformly. A light trim can control overly long stems and encourage a thicker growth.
  6. When it comes to rose bushes, one IS the loneliest number, so plant several bushes together. You might even consider a raised bed for ease in maintaining your Knockouts.

In the photo above, a market parking lot is lined with containers of Knockout roses, ready for spring planting.

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