Ellaville customerAt Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, we’re always happy to see returning customers from neighboring counties. While we are expanding our coverage with periodic mobile markets in Marion and Schley Counties, many out-of-towners make it a point to stop by the market when they are in Americus.

On one recent morning, we were delighted to see Mr. Steve Arrington, an Ellaville resident and frequent visitor, shopping at the market. The rare day of perfect spring weather had led him to stop to check out our fresh produce and plants. He carefully walked the lanes of plants to check out the latest geranium varieties in stock, then continued to the produce tables.

“I know it may be early,” he said, “But I came here for fresh tomatoes. Do you have some?” He was pointed toward our most recent boxload of South Georgia tomatoes. Market clerk Charles Tanner noted, “Soon we will offer our own site-grown tomatoes. Please come back and enjoy them!”

Charles and Mr. Arrington (left to right in photo above) also discussed the many geranium colors available, as well as the lighting requirements for a hanging geranium basket.

We encourage all our market customers—from near and far -- to ask any questions they have about selection and care of any items, so that their shopping experience will be satisfactory.

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