Mary Perry MooreAt the most recent weekend stop of Perry Wellness Center’s mobile market in Buena Vista, a very special guest stopped by. Mrs. Mary Perry Moore, mother of center founder and CEO Stuart Perry, visited the market and shared memories of her own gardening memories.

For several years, Mrs. Moore, along with her late husband, Tom Perry, operated the Gas and Go store across the street from the market. They sold customers plants raised on the grounds of their home, beginning a tradition of gardening and plant sales in the Perry family.

After his father’s death, Stuart and wife Pam managed the corner property for several years. When he later founded the wellness center named after his late father, Stuart drew on his memories of his family’s rural store in his focus on therapeutic gardening and the creation of a plant-filled market. Interestingly, the site also marks the beginning of what became the large Perry Brother’s oil and gasoline station empire. From small roots grew large dreams and accomplishments.

 “I remember those days at that station,” Mrs. Moore reflected. “I remember the display and selling of plants. I guess that is where I continued my love of color and plants.” At the age of 85, she was able to recall details about the plants she had raised, as well as recommendations for plant care. During her visit at the mobile market, she rose from her chair several times to help customers and offer suggestions for plant display and care.

One suggestion: “I recommend that you buy some Epsom salt and dilute it in one quart of water. About twice a month, pour this mixture on geranium baskets and potted plants. They will flourish with more blooms. Remember to remove the spent blooms at the parent stem of the plant.”

While visiting at the market, Mrs. Moore chatted with staff member Cindy Corbin, a plant authority in her own right. To ensure that Mrs. Moore received timely information on Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, she installed appropriate apps on her phone and provided suggestions on quick access to the information online.

The mutual information sharing was enjoyed by Mrs. Moore, as well as the opportunity to catch up with old friends. She noted, “This has been a great day of good memories in Buena Vista. I have seen some friends that I have not seen in years. To have Cindy give me step-by-step instructions for better use of my phone was an added benefit.”

After an enjoyable day in downtown Buena Vista, Mrs. Moore prepared to drive to Americus to spend an evening with her son and daughter-in-law in Americus.

In the photo above, Mary Perry Moore and Cindy Corbin stand amidst plants on display at Perry Wellness Center’s mobile market in Buena Vista.

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