Jeff W. 1Renowned local artist Jeff Williams has had paintings displayed at the Louvre, but his artistic vision and hard work are also on display at Perry Wellness Center. From whimsical produce signs to flowing fountains, the campus reflects his artistic talent and his commitment to creating a colorful and inspirational recovery environment.

But Jeff is also eager to pitch in to help maintain this environment, whether adjusting a display of late-season tomatoes at the market or climbing a ladder to clean a greenhouse roof.

Jeff W. 2“I am proud of this place and will work to make it great,” he explains with a smile. Even a recent health problem isn’t able to slow him down.

Jeff explains, “I have fought several kidney stones in recent weeks, and they don’t play! It is great to be back working as I once did.” 

Did we mention that he is as dedicated as he is talented? Thanks for all you do, Jeff!

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