CardsIn recent months, several groups of professionals and students have scheduled appointments to tour Perry Wellness Center.  As one of the few totally peer-run recovery programs in existence, it demonstrates the impact that therapeutic and wellness programs can truly have.

We all enjoy a word of appreciation now  and then, and PWC is no exception.  Recent "thank you" cards have captured the essence of the PWC experience for area visitors, and reminded us of the value of community education. Following are a  couple of recent examples:

After a class visit, Georgia Southwestern State University professor Dr. Andree Miller, of the Department of Psychology and Sociology, summarized her students' glowing reports of their visit. She captured the sentiments in an appreciation card, which stated:

"I want to express my deepest appreciation for all of the time you spent interacting with my students at GSW. The students returned with glowing reports and statements about feeling inspired and having life changing experiences. Many students expressed how touring the PWC helped correct some of their own misconceptions about mental health and mental illness. Students talked about how warm, friendly, and enthusiastic everyone was. They described the PWC as a source of pride for Americus. Thank you for providing such a wonderful learning experience for these students."

After another recent visit from the CIT (Crisis Intervention Team) class at Albany's Dougherty County Jail, a card was received that brightened everyone's day. It contained personal notes and signatures from 20 correctional officers who had visited the site. Among the comments:

"Wonderful location/center; continue to vision... I enjoyed getting to know you all. Thanks for the hospitality... I hope you all figure out how to bottle what you have there and let many more people experience what you offer... Thanks for a wonderful day."

While bottling the Perry Wellness Center experience isn't possible – at least yet, founder Stuart Perry knows that the next best thing is continuing to share the experience with others. Perry Wellness Center is available for group tours by appointment. For further information, call the center at 229-924-2430.

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