Jigsaw PuzzlesAmidst all the hubbub of a busy recovery center, an observant visitor can find small oases of quiet and calm. Some individuals seek a quiet moment by the gurgling fountain, while others take time for creative expression through knitting or painting. Listening to music or reading a book also provides relaxation.

While group learning activities are an important part of the schedule at Perry Wellness Center, taking a break during the daily routine is healthy. Peer Mary Green, pictured above, finds that jigsaw puzzles are the perfect way to unwind. But she’s not the only one. As new puzzles are purchased and brought to the center, tabletops are quickly claimed for puzzle assembly. Some peers enjoy a puzzle challenge to determine who can put a puzzle together in record time. Others enjoy proceeding at a more deliberate pace, determined to make all the pieces fit. 

The symbolism is not lost on PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry, who says, “Each time I see clients with a jigsaw puzzle, I am reminded of our need to improve. I am sure that I have not found all of the pieces to providing better services at Perry Wellness Center.”

But something tells us that, just like the peers with their heads bent over their puzzles, Stuart won’t stop until all the pieces are in place.

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