Kaylon Holt 2019

Over the past few years, the story of Kaylon Holt's pop top collection has been followed closely on this site. As readers will recall, Kaylon began a collection of soda top tabs -- or "pop tops" -- as a way to raise money for a friend's father, who was ill with cancer.

That act of kindness involved into a major project on behalf of the Ronald McDonald House in Columbus, Georgia. Kaylon has engaged PWC peers and staff, along with local businesses and schools, in collecting and turning in unbelievable numbers of pop tops.

After a slowdown in recent months, the collection efforts gained new steam, and Kaylon planned a new visit to the Ronald McDonald House to make his latest delivery. According to a representative of the organization, Kaylon is setting records.

“Kaylon is the largest individual collector of pop tops in our area,” the rep confirmed. “The support and promotion of Ronald McDonald House has been wonderful. We wish him continued success.”

PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry noted, “This collection of pop tops by Kaylon has been wonderful. It has benefited Kaylon, the Ronald McDonald House, and Perry Wellness Center.

On a recent cold and wet morning, headed out with his latest collection of pop tops ready for delivery. Ready for his grand total of delivered pop tops to date? 

1,200,000!! -- Congrats, Kaylon!

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