Martha AugoodAs a recovery program dedicated to improving individual’s total mental health and providing meaningful activity through its market and gardening projects, Perry Wellness Center has struck gold with its newest employee: a plant-loving nurse!


Martha Augood has worked in trauma nursing for decades, but has always dreamed of working with plants full-time. Perhaps she got her green thumb from her father, Tom Ireland, an avid plant and flower enthusiast. Whatever the reason, this retired R.N. was ready to give up scrubs for gardening gear.


Educated at Georgia Southwestern State University and Jacksonville University, Augood worked in the nursing profession for most of her adult life. After retiring from Phoebe-Sumter Medical Center two years ago, she thought about making a total change in her daily schedule. With two grown children and two grandchildren, she is busy with family – “I enjoy my grandkids; they are great, and we have fun together,” she says, but wanted a calmer work environment.


Augood explains. “For over 20 years, I have dealt with trauma. For 16 years, I was an emergency room R.N. I was then a flight nurse with Air-Evac. I experienced critical care and other areas of traumatic sickness. It was a very involved time with hours and politics.”


Ready for a change of pace, she applied to Perry Wellness Center, and was, in her words, “elated” to be hired to work at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market. 


“In my work, I learned passion for life,” Augood notes. “I now have a passion for flowers and plants. We want them to look their best and welcome guests. I have always heard that the motto of Happy Patch Market is to ‘leave with a smile.’ I want to add to that motto by sharing that I am learning to be happy at Happy Patch Market. I thank Stuart for making me so happy.”


She has made Stuart equally happy, as he welcomes such a dedicated and experienced professional to the campus of Perry Wellness Center. Welcome, Martha!


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