Round Ball RallyIf it’s springtime on the campus of Perry Wellness Center, it’s time for blooming flowers, spring planning, and team sports in the parking lot!

To enhance eye/hand coordination, promote socialization, provide an opportunity for exercise, and – more importantly, some outdoor fun on a sunny spring day, a group of peers recently held a game of Round Ball RallyThe rules are simple: Each peer passes a basketball to another peer as everyone walks in a circle around the basketball court while music plays. When the music stops, the peer holding the ball must shoot the ball to the goal. Each time a peer rings the basket, he or she receives one point on a personal score tally.

Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry observes, “With the nicer weather, peers are excited to be outside, learn a new game, and challenge each other as they cheer and pass the ball. I welcome spring and the return to outdoor sports. Our campus is fun for our peer family, and the interaction with our staff and peers is great!”

In the photo above, a group of Perry Wellness Center peers enjoys its first game of Round Ball Rally.

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