Tomato capital 2As the official days of summer move closer, the inventory at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market reflects the bounty of local farmers. Two of the most popular customer purchases are filling the shelves and bins this week: tomatoes and peas!

Last year, the market posted a sign proclaiming it as the “TOMATO CAPITAL OF THE WORLD.” After having it pointed out that there was possibly a market with more tomato producers, Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry modified the statement.

Shelled peas 2019“We may not be the tomato capital of the world,” Stuart acknowledged, “But we are the tomato capital of Perry Wellness Center! We produce tomatoes year-round and offer tomatoes from several local vegetable vendors.”

Freshly shelled peas are always a popular item at the market, and coolers are filled with the latest offerings. As always, customers enjoy the freshness of locally grown peas, combined with the convenience of having them pre-shelled and cleaned.

Market manager Kelly Jansen sums up current customer requests and market activity:

“It if fun to see the schedule of our customers as they request certain vegetables. We got Chase Farms’ corn last week, and it has been a best seller. Many have asked about Jim Buchanan’s tomatoes, and they are now on display. We have purple hull peas, and the smaller variety of the peas, called “Elite” will be here this weekend. We do listen to customers and are learning the pattern of their buying.

In today’s photos, Rudy’s Happy Patch Market displays ripe tomatoes, and Kelly Jansen reveals a cooler filled with purple hull peas.

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