Drivers Test 2019At Perry Wellness Center, a significant training focus is placed on life skills that will assist peers in being more independent. In a rural area without significant public transportation, the ability to drive is a skill than can change lives.

Several peers at PWC have a driver’s license, while others have set a goal of obtaining one. To assist them in this effort, the center provides booklets and on-line tutoring on the current study guides for the Georgia driver’s test. On-screen review of test questions; e.g., knowledge of road signs, is a helpful practice for would-be drivers, who also discuss the best test options.

“I am quite pleased that many of our peers have requested to take the Georgia driver’s license test,” says PWC founder and director Stuart Perry. “Our staff does one-on-one study and review before our peers take the test.”

On a recent day, Tyshaun Thomas (seated, right) and Tamika Brown completed their review and took the on-line test. We are happy to report that they both passed the test! We look forward to these two diligent peers having the opportunity to put their study skills to work.

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