Pre Christmas ConstructionIn the last week of July, it seems the definition of  “rushing the season” to discuss Christmas planning, but it’s not too soon to begin planning for the increased market traffic and merchandise during the busiest customer season of the year. (Plus, it helps cool folks down a bit on these hot, muggy days of summer when we imagine fresh Christmas greenery, snowflakes, and all the goodness of the season.

Recently, Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry began execution of a plan that will convert the northernmost half of Rudy’s Happy Patch Market into an assembly and display space for handmade wreaths and fresh Christmas trees.

“I know I am early and summer customer traffic is still heavy, but I am only trying to plan ahead and increase our offerings to customers for our Christmas season,” Stuart explains. “The larger shed nearest the train track – the specialty shop – will be called ‘Christmas Tree Wonderland.’ I want to provide additional space for all our Christmas customers.” In addition to display staff, Stuart plans to have tables and chairs arrayed for customers to pause for conversation and rest during their busy shopping.

One of the most labor-intensive efforts so far is the relocation of a large, six-door refrigerator. The endeavor involved locks, chains, rope, and much strength and patience. As soon in the photo above, Jeff Williams raises the heavy cooler with coordination with staffer Steve Thompson, left, and peer Brian Thomas.

Dare we say “heave-ho-ho-ho,” guys?! Let’s enjoy the rest of our beautiful summer and look forward to a cooler season.

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